Parish Groups

St. Thomas of Villanova

71 North Street, P.O. Box 177   V   Goshen, Connecticut 06756

Council 13128

Grand Knight, Robert Mosey

Meeting Schedule: The first Tuesday of each month
All meetings are at 7:30PM in Donahue Hall

Membership . . . is open to all practical Catholic men,
18 or older.  If you are interested in joining call Admission Committee Chairman, Anthony Smith at 201-7572 for additional details.

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Ladies Guild Meeting Schedule:

The first Wednesday of each month

All meetings are at 7:00PM in Donahue Hall open to all Catholic women
17yrs or older) of the parish AND Non-Catholic
women who show interest in the church and/or
the objectives of the organization.

We are always welcoming NEW MEMBERS to join us!  Don’t forget to bring in a canned good or non-perishable item to each of the meetings for our local food bank.

 Perpetual Rosary

   May 6-12            Janice Beeman/Barbara Muchelot

   May 13-19          Joe & Mary Hogan/Henrietta Horvay

   May 20-26          Mary Bolan/Barbara Muchelot

   May 27-Jun 2     Ann Walla/Janice Beeman

   June 3-9             Lisa & Norm DeAngelis/Mary Bolan

   June 10-16         Barbara Muchelot/Mary Donaldson

   June 17-23         Henrietta Horvay/Mary Carlson

   June 24-30         Ann Walla/Arlene Kosak

   July 1-7               Arlene Kosak/Joe & Mary Hogan

   July 8-14             Janice Beeman/Henrietta Horvay

   July 15-21           Mary Bolan/Joe & Mary Hogan

   July 22-28           Mary Donaldson/Ann Walla

    July 29-Aug 4    Henrietta Horvay/Mary Carlson

   Aug 5-11             Ann Walla/Janice Beeman

   Aug 12-18           Arlene Kosak/Barbara Muchelot

   Aug 19-25           L&N DeAngelis/Arlene Kosak

   Aug 26-Sept 1    Henrietta Horvay/Mary Carlson

   Sept 2-8              Janice Beeman/Ann Walla

   Sept 9-15            Barbara Muchelot/Arlene Kosak

   Sept 16-22         Arlene Kosak/L & N DeAngelis

   Sept 23-29         Mary Carlson/Ann Walla

   Sept 30-Oct 6     Henrietta Horvay/Mary Donaldson

   Oct 7-13             Joe & Mary Hogan/Ann Walla

   Oct 14-20           Mary Bolan/Henrietta Horvay

   Oct 21-27           Janice Beeman/Barbara Muchelot

   Oct 28-Nov 3      Arlene Kosak/Arlene Kosak

   Nov 4-10             L& N DeAngelis/Janice Beeman

   Nov 11-17           Ann Walla/Henrietta Horvay

   Nov 18-24           Mary Donaldson/Joe & Mary Hogan

   Nov 25-Dec 1     Ann Walla/Mary Bolan

   Dec 2-8               Henrietta Horvay/Mary Carlson

   Dec 9-15             Janice Beeman/Arlene Kosak

   Dec 16-22           Barbara Muchelot/L& N DeAngelis

   Dec 23-29           Arlene Kosak/Ann Walla

   Dec 30-Jan 5      Mary Donaldson/Mary Carlson

   Jan 6-12             Henrietta Horvay/Ann Walla

   Jan 13-19           Joe & Mary Hogan/Henrietta Horvay

   Jan 20-26           Mary Bolan/Lisa & Norm DeAngelis

   Jan 27-Feb 2      Janice Beeman/Barbara Muchelot

   Feb 3-9               Arlene Kosak/Arlene Kosak

   Feb 10-16           Lisa & Norm DeAngelis/Mary Carlson

   Feb 17-23           Ann Walla/Henrietta Horvay